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Permalink Two of our favorite customers, Hershey & Tamar, lookin good on an early morning December ride!
Permalink Pretty sweet Christmas gift, I’d say!
Permalink pretty standard.. 
Permalink Big congrats to Courtney Hall for blazing a 12:09:56 finish in her 1st Ironman @ IM Arizona today!! Way to go Courtney! 
Makeshift Wooden Bicycle
Sure it weighs a ton, but the splinters on your palms are totally worth it.
Permalink Calling all San Diego triathletes!! We’re looking for enthusiastic and passionate triathletes to join our 2012 B+L Bike and Sports Triathlon team! If you’d like to be a part of the gang— email your resume to kbutsko@blbikes.com
Permalink Resisting the urge to lift bikes above head… well done boys.
Permalink We got em back in! #lightingbugs #niterider
Permalink Good luck to everyone racing CX this weekend! Here are a few pics from the SoCalCross Prestige Series at Balboa Park: GO!
Permalink Need some reflectivity? Oh, we’ve got it..